Casey Richardson

How did Casey Richardson started?
I started exploring 3D sometime 2013 I was halfway through my third year of a really dull uni course, I really wanted to try something new.

V i r t u a l ~ J u n g l e // Casey Richardson
Who were your early influencers?
Renaissance sculptures have had a strong influence on me growing up and still does today, I was also a big fan of Jeff Koon’s style.

pink bath.jpg
Pink Bath // Casey Richardson
Where do you draw the line when it comes to what goes into your work and style?
I tend to avoid dark atmospheres to my work; nothing too serious and no subject too extreme.

Cheetos // Casey Richardson
What role does artists have in actual society?
To me artists are like a creative outlets. We get inspired, we turn that inspiration into art and in turn inspire others.

Turquoise // Casey Richardson
What do you want to provoke into / in your viewers?
I’ve always been interested in provoking a sense of what is the real vs unreal. I think combining something people understand with what they don’t is interesting.

remember to stay hydrated .jpg
Remember to stay hydrated // Casey Richardson
Who are your current art inspirations? Do you look to other contemporary artist’s work during your artistic process?
The net art community has always been a big inspiration to me; I’m currently revisiting Hajime Sorayama artworks, I love his beautiful robots.

let’s connect (⌒▽⌒)~~.jpg
Let’s connect // Casey Richardson
What is you opinion on modern art?
It’s interesting, making art without a narrative. Some people always need an answer to the reasoning behind ‘why the art was made’, I’ve always disliked that need.

Peace // Casey Richardson
How do you overcome creative blocks?
I watch movies, sci-fi or fantasy, the more cringe worthy the better.

Smart Phone.jpg
Smart Phone // Casey Richardson
How would you describe your work and your influences?
Bright and unusual, at times my influences are the complete opposite to the nature of my art. 

v i r t ᴗ l o v e.jpg
Virt ū Love // Casey Richardson
What are your thoughts on the art community & market in Australia?
I’ve found the net art community has kind of expanded, the beauty of the internet is that we can connect with another miles away,Australia is but one of the many.
Shout out to all Australian artists out there, I would love to be more involved !

c y b e r ≈  b a b e.jpg
Cyber Babe // Casey Richardson
Motto or personal quote.
Backups are your friends 😛

suns and stars.jpg
Suns & Stars // Casey Richardson
Music recommendation.
Wham!, get more wham in your life!

Squish // Casey Richardson
All the best!
Casey Richardson
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